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Note: Search results are based on program enrollment and information provided by the companies. The search results may include a company listed in your area that may not provide service to your address. Also, the search results might not show every company that is near you. A company may still offer Lifeline and/or ACP service even if it is not on the list. Please contact the company to confirm if they offer Lifeline or the ACP service for your address.

The order of these companies are random and may be different the next time you search.

Types of Service:

Fixed Lifeline Service: Lifeline home phone or Internet service
Mobile Lifeline Service: Lifeline mobile phone or Internet service
ACP Home Internet: ACP home Internet service
ACP Mobile Internet: ACP mobile Internet service



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More About the Data

The Companies Near Me tool is powered by USAC’s Open Data initiative. This initiative allows the public to explore and analyze information submitted by universal service program participants and ACP participants.