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Entity Download Tool

This tool is used to download entity data contained in the EPC entity profile. Select a state and click on the Download Report button to download an Excel file with all entity data from a given state. You can only download one state at a time.

You can find a detailed data map and definitions for all fields on the Entity Download User Guide.

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  • Data is updated nightly and includes the latest updates to EPC entity profile data.
  • You will be downloading a single Excel file for all entities for the state selected.
  • Parent and child relationships are included in the data set for each entity.
  • If a given entity has more than one parent the entity will be listed multiple times.
  • There is a separate tab in the Excel file for Annexes.
  • The file includes a field for entity status which indicates whether the entity is active or closed.
  • Data for this tool is for FY2016 and forward.
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