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FRN Status Tool

This tool provides funding request data for Funding Year 2016 and forward. To obtain funding request data for Funding Years 1998 to 2015, click here to access the Funding Request Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). You must enter at least one required search criteria below. You may enter additional search criteria to narrow your search. To add additional data points for the report, scroll down and click "Select Data Points".

You can find additional assistance on the FRN Status Tool Instruction Page.

Step 1 : Please enter the search criteria
I. Required Criteria

Please enter one or more of the following:
Please select at least one FRN service type and one applicant type based on the billed entity. (The default is that all are selected):

Data Transmission and/or Internet Access
Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections
Internal Connections
Managed Internal Broadband Services
School District
Library System
II. Optional Criteria
Example: 001, 002
Example: 003, 004
Please select the desired report format

XML Feed
Step 2. Please select the datapoints you would like to include in your datafile:
A. Identifying Data
FRN Nickname
FRN Status
471 Application Number
471 Nickname
471 Application Status
471 Review Status
Establishing FCC Form 470 Number
Establishing FCC Form 470 Status
User Entered Establishing FCC Form 470 Number
B. Billed Entity Information
Billed Entity Name
Applicant Type
Applicant Street Address 1
Applicant Street Address 2
Applicant City
Applicant State
Applicant Zip Code
471 Contact Name
471 Contact E-mail
BEN Urban/Rural Status
BEN Account Administrator
BEN Account Administrator Email
State LEA Code
State School Code
Library Locale Code
Library FSCS Key
Library Square Footage
Library FSCS SEQ
C. Consultant Information
471 Consultant Registration Number
471 Consulting Firm Name
D. Service Provider Information
Service Provider Name
SPAC Filed?
E. Applicants Funding Request Related Data
Fund Year
486 Service Start Date
Contract Award Date
Contract Expiration Date or Service End Date
Remaining Contract Extensions
Last Date to Invoice
 F. Discount Funding Request Data
 Original  Current
 Original  Current  Recurring Charges

Monthly Pre-Discount Recurring Amount (Includes Ineligible Charges)

Monthly Pre-Discount Recurring Amount that is Ineligible

Eligible Monthly Pre-Discount

Number of Months of Service Provided During Funding Year

Annual Pre-Discount Amount for Eligible Recurring Charges
 Original  Current  Non-Recurring Charges

Annual Pre-Discount Non-Recurring Charges (Includes Ineligible Charges)

Annual Pre-Discount Non-Recurring Amount that is Ineligible

Annual Pre-Discount Non-Recurring Eligible Amount
 Original  Current  Total Charges

Total Program Year Pre-Discount Amount


Funding Request Amount
 Original  Current  Other FRN related data items

FRN Service Type

Service Start Date as Shown on the Form 471
G. Funding Decision Data
Wave Number
Date User Generated FCDL
FCDL Comment for 471 Application
FCDL Comment for FRN
PC Wave Number
Revised FCDL Date
Post Commitment Rationale
RFCDL Comment
FRN Committed Amount
H. Invoicing Data
Invoicing Mode
Total Authorized Disbursement