Schools and Libraries

USAC is committed to increasing the accessibility of our data as a part of our open data strategy.

The E-rate Program helps ensure that eligible schools and libraries can obtain affordable rates for access to high-speed Internet, telecommunications services, and other broadband services and equipment. Every year, over 96,000 schools (public, private, and charter) and nearly 12,000 libraries across the United States apply for E-rate Program discounts.

Please note that our APIs are currently in beta for the purpose of gathering feedback from potential users. By “beta” we mean that the application has the set of features we expect to deliver, but may contain some known or unknown bugs. In this case, the data that is contained in these APIs may not be up to date or may be missing certain fields. It may not reflect similar sources of data from USAC, including search tools for USAC programs.

We are extremely interested in the feedback of users of our beta tools. If you have feedback, please submit to

Schools and Libraries Datasets

Form 471 Dataset